Executive Chef

Originally from Turkey, Ismail moved to Paris, France in 2000 to pursue his love for food and culinary culture. He worked his way through the restaurant business at a quick pace, moving from prep cook to a sous chef all within a year’s time. While working in Europe, he traveled through Italy, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany and France to study cuisine and further expand his culinary palate. Working in Europe instilled plenty of passion, knowledge and experience that has contributed to his continual growth as a chef. In late 2006, Ismail moved to Milwaukee, where he began his work at Bartolotta Pier Wisconsin. There, he gained new insight into catering and fine dining service. His experience continued to diversify when he took a position at the Ambassador Hotel.  It was here where he began using his culinary know-how and extensive background to create his own seasonal menus throughout the year. His journey has inspired a unique philosophy on cooking and preparation, one that is rooted in being globally inspired and locally created.  This is a process that begins with sourcing the best premium ingredients then focusing on flavor. According to Ismail, “food doesn’t need to be complicated, but it’s important to know where it comes from.”