Senior Banquet Captain
JJ Holz

When you meet JJ, it is evident that he’s spent some time in the industry – nearly 20 years of client satisfaction and high-end event success, to be exact. Where JJ goes, so follows an aura of exemplary service, ambiance, and understated pizzaz. Always searching for the next best thing in events, JJ is committed to the concept that there is always room for improvement on the journey to perfection, particularly in a client-centric industry where the goal varies with each event’s objective. An intense chess player and avid bicycle rider, JJ’s hobbies reflect his approach to events; implement strategy and planning to create a winning combo, regardless of game length or complexity, and be present in the moment, taking in every detail. The latter not only ensures a smooth ride free from obstacles, but also allows the bicyclist to enjoy every mile from the big picture landscape to the scent of spring flowers in bloom nearby. With an infectious grin and congenial demeanor paired effortlessly with a keen eye for detail and the complete guest experience, JJ is precisely the type of person you want running your most important events.