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Tim Rose

Assistant Manager

Bringing 26 years of hospitality experience to the State House Round Bar, Tim Rose is our first-string quarterback for the front of house team. He earns the trust and respect of his peers by setting a high benchmark of quality and service that rallies great performances from our staff, but nevertheless remains humble in the face of his accomplishments. He’s been with the State House since 2010, but his debonair disposition and knowledge of the Saz’s story would lead you to believe he’s been a part of the family for much longer. You’ll most often find him behind the Round Bar pouring a great craft cocktail and conversing with the regulars, who consider him an integral part of the Saz’s family (and we couldn’t agree more). He’s dedicated and confident, garnering the respect of the entire team. His passion for all things local and authentic is what connects him to what Saz’s State House represents. He views the State House as a classic Milwaukee institution and acknowledges the important role that Steve “Saz” Sazama still plays.  It’s what attracted him to the restaurant in the first place and what he considers to be a big reason why our regular customers return several days weekly. Tim spent quite a few years traveling and living in various parts of the U.S., including spending a year in Mexico. These experiences have no doubt helped to shape his perspective and provide him with some refreshing insight, which you’ll get a sense of when sharing in conversation or listening to a story or two. When Tim isn’t at the State House, he’s most likely spending time with his daughter or engaged in continual learning, as he’s currently pursuing a degree in environmental science. We’re glad to have such a positive, appreciated presence on the Saz’s team.