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Miller Park Tailgating

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In the late 80s, in response to repeated requests for tailgate delivery, Saz and a few employees packed a grill in a truck and headed over to County Stadium to make some Brewers fans very happy. Today, Saz’s Catering has taken the reins as one of few preferred caterers at Miller Park.

For a tailgate experience to top all others, let Saz’s Catering handle the details. Saz’s staff will coordinate the grid reservations, the rental needs, and the menu prep while you kick back and crack a cold one. Sizzling sausage, juicy burgers, and Saz’s Signature Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwiches make a solid start to a perfect tailgate menu, so round up some friends or colleagues and celebrate baseball season in style!

To pick up your game tickets, click here. Once you’ve got a game date, get a bit of background on Miller Park’s rules and regs, and give Saz’s Catering a call at 414.256.8765 or drop an event manager a line at Within one or two business days, you’ll be on your way to a space at the Park and a day full of fun!