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Who said holiday parties had to be mistletoe and eggnog? Jaime Peterson, our Sales Director, brings a new twist on holiday soirees, and we think you’ll be dying for an invitation to this Holiday Murder Mystery Party!

The doors of the George open to you and it feels as though you’ve stepped back in time. You carry your invitation in hand, with your 20’s character name and persona coming to life as your coats are slid off your shoulders. You grab a glass of champagne and pop one of the delectable appetizers you’re offered into your mouth. The high ceilings are adorned with chandeliers, a hazy light casts a glow across the entire ballroom. Your partner makes their way over to the cigar and bourbon cart, and find your way to your table. Candles all down the table are paired with beautiful cream roses that sit on a gold table top. Your place setting is adorned with a vintage china set and gold silverware. Melodies hum across the ballroom from the 20’s as a family style dinner is served to you and the other guests.

Once dinner is through, you’ve all been instructed to head to the Madcap Lounge for the night’s festivities. As you descend, you’re all handed another card that will you your role for the evening. You all wait eagerly by the bar when suddenly- the lights go out. A blood-curdling scream. One of you has just been murdered, the crime scene is set, and the search for “whodunit” ensues. You look for clues throughout the Madcap Lounge, each room offering a new canvas for your hidden clues. Will you find the murder weapon in the Study? Or perhaps a piece of DNA in the Billiards room? There could even been a mysterious letter tucked underneath the Christmas tree in the Lounge. After all your sleuthing, everyone announces who they think the Murderer is, and the game will conclude. As the good fun comes to an end and the character’s facades begin to fade, Chocolate Martini’s will be served, along with Brandy Alexander’s at the bar.

You take a sip and sit back, watching your company laugh and still point mockingly incriminating fingers, and you wish that this night back in time would never end.

Image Sources: 
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