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Amy Haselow

General Manager

With a guest first mentality to hospitality, Saz’s State House General Manager Amy Haselow believes that engaging and interacting with guests is essential to a memorable dining experience.

Engaging with guests and hearing their stories is one of her favorite parts about working in the service industry. Amy always encourages servers to be more than note takers and to really engage with each table. Making the dining experience unique and fun is what keeps the doors open! At the end of the day, she believes that the guest will remember that they had great food at Saz’s, but they’ll come back for important events in their lives because of their great experience.

As a Wisconsin native, Saz’s has always been a household name to Amy. Her connection to Milwaukee influenced her to join a company that has deep roots within her community. With 10 years of hospitality experience and keen attention to detail, she oversees and coordinates the restaurant staff to provide high-quality food and superior guest satisfaction. A true Wisconsin sports fan (except you’ll find her rooting for the Hawkeyes over the Badgers) game day is her favorite day at the State House.

Outside of work, she is very passionate about wildlife conservation, specifically African wildlife. Prior to returning to the hospitality industry, she spent seven months living in South Africa working on an anti-poaching unit. An avid traveler, she prefers to venture outside the typical tourist destinations so that she can immerse herself in the local culture. Her love of traveling is what makes her enjoy her job. Sharing stories over a meal is a bonding experience in every culture.

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