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Brett Feuersthaler

Executive Chef

With a highly-revered foundation for cooking that has been developed and refined through years of formal training and experience, Brett Feuersthaler brings an exceptional level of expertise and creativity to her role as Executive Chef for Sazama’s Fine Catering. It’s this degree of sophistication and artistry that propels Sazama’s to the highest standards of fine dining in the event hospitality industry.

Originally from Key West, Florida, Brett has called Milwaukee home for nearly 20 years. Her interest in cooking piqued at a very young age with her discovery of Julia Child’s The French Chef on PBS. From there, she began preparing recipes for her family from a Julia Child’s cookbook given to her by her mother. As she continued to demonstrate her love for cooking, and with her parents’ support and encouragement, she began an apprenticeship at the age of 13. It was then that she found an important mentor and began to more fully develop and hone her skills in the kitchen. That experience only nurtured and stoked her passions, inspiring a move to New York City to attend the Culinary Institute of America. Brett graduated from this highly prestigious culinary school at 19 and accepted her first big role and began her career as an Executive Pastry Chef in San Francisco.

Brett’s love for cooking follows her wherever she goes and it shows in her free time, as she enjoys preparing meals for friends and family and with her 5 children, teaching them the importance of knowing where your food comes from and how flavors develop. Brett also enjoys dancing, swimming and tending to her garden, where she utilizes much of what she grows in her cooking at home. In the kitchen or out, her devotion to her craft and enthusiasm are always on display. These qualities only highlight why she is such an exceptional fit for Sazama’s Fine Catering.