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Ed McIntosh

Sales & Events Manager, Social & Corporate Specialist

Ed McIntosh Saz's Event Specialist

A great sales and event manager is one who thinks in terms of creating exceptional experiences for their clients and building a rapport that can last a lifetime. Since joining Saz’s in 2001, Ed McIntosh has embraced his role as Sales and Event Manager for Saz’s Catering and Lead Event Designer for Jan Serr Studio with an open mind and a forward-thinking philosophy. He sees himself as a conduit to our clients, one who shares our message of being The Finest in catering and hospitality through years of successful event planning, and he follows through with precision tailoring to meet each individual client’s wishes.

Ed is always working to find a solution, regardless of the challenges that might be presented, with the utmost regard for meeting and exceeding his clients’ expectations. He goes into every consultation with open ears, letting his clients do most of the talking. Listening with careful consideration allows an event to “paint” itself in his mind. The rest is execution.

His commitment to his role and his craft is inspired by his love for the Saz’s team and their desire to grow and be the best at what they do. Each team member has an important role to fulfill and Ed knows he has plenty to offer. Praise him for his work and he’ll look at what he could have done differently. It’s predicated on a continual desire to improve and less time spent thinking about success.  With that type of dedication, Ed no doubt has plenty of invaluable insight to share and much to emulate for those seeking a fresh approach to client engagement and creating phenomenal value.

When he’s not working to craft memorable events for all of our clients or planning an extravagant gala at Jan Serr Studio, Ed’s taking in the best of what Milwaukee has to offer by dining at a newly-discovered restaurant or enjoying a good cocktail over great conversation.  You can tell even with his interests, Ed’s always pondering the science behind what sets the perfect ambiance and what creates a memorable atmosphere, regardless of location or type of celebration.