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Greg Alfaro

Marketing Coordinator, Saz's Hospitality Group
Greg Alfaro

For Greg Alfaro, our marketing coordinator, it’s all about great experiences; sharing them, crafting them and celebrating them. What makes these experiences great is what often makes them meaningful. Most importantly, it’s what brings so many people together. These are the things that we continually talk about with our friends and family and reminisce about for years to come. Saz’s Hospitality Group is all about that particular experience and about creating something truly special for our clients. We stand behind crafting wonderful experiences through celebrating what makes our community great, specifically through good people and even better food. This is why we are pleased and excited to have Greg a part of the Saz’s team. He’s a storyteller, curating and sharing our unique Saz’s story through a variety of channels, including social media, web, internal communications and many other areas within the vast digital sphere. From his perspective, great marketing isn’t just about numbers, analytics and customer relationships. It’s about the connection that stems from shared values grounded in authenticity. He brings his passion for authentic storytelling and building meaningful connections into the fold to ensure Saz’s commitment to providing a high-value of service and quality is met with a genuine desire to enrich the lives of our customers and clients.

Born and raised in Texas, Greg made the move to Milwaukee in 2007 to pursue his love for music, as well as establish himself in an environment completely different from where he grew up. Passionate and excited about local culture, Greg was excited with what a cross-country move entailed. It was a challenging, yet rewarding experience that has cemented his place in a city thriving with character, and it’s a great place to call home. It is these nuances and unique differences that exist from place to place that inspire and encourage him to reflect on what ties it all together. In Greg’s mind, great stories are told knowing that we can all find meaning and connection in their words. These are words that drive, as well as inspire him.

Outside of Saz’s, Greg writes and records music with his friends, loves dusting off his passport to take in new sights abroad and considers himself to be a brunch fanatic. You’ll often find him frequenting many of the fine local purveyors of coffee throughout Milwaukee with a book in hand.