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Jason Cornelius

General Manager
Saz's State House General Manager - Jason Cornelius

With enthusiasm for crafting great dining experiences and years of hospitality management expertise to share, Jason Cornelius takes the reins of Sazama’s Fine Catering at the Marcus Performing Arts Center. 

Jason’s keen business acumen and commitment to providing memorable guest experiences are the foundation of his strengths as a manager. He works regularly with our front and back of house teams to establish clear goals and expectations, with our guests at the center of it all. It’s an integral position rooted in support, guidance, and mentorship.  

Though, it’s Jason’s approachable disposition and openness as a great communicator that makes him such an exceptional leader. Throughout his career, he has learned what it means to take ownership of a role centered around great hospitality and making thoughtful business decisions. He continuously recognizes the importance of coming to work every day with an open mind, being actively engaged and treating guests as he would wish to be treated.

When Jason isn’t entertaining guests with a great dining experience or rallying his team in the name of great service, he enjoys a playing a good game of golf and running. Even so, good conversation is always at the heart of it all. He loves to travel and try new foods from different regions, all while making connections with new people along the way. To Jason, life is short, so drink good wine and eat great food. It’s not only his experience as a manager, but his take on life that makes Jason such a great addition to the Saz’s family!