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Jeff Gudex

Sales Director, Saz's BBQ Products

Jeff Gudex

Leading the charge for Saz’s BBQ Products in bringing our family of products to local store shelves since 2015, Jeff Gudex utilizes his 20 years of consumer products experience to promote and grow the Saz’s vision of offering high quality, premium products to our customers. Jeff understands the many layers that go together to drive the Saz’s brand. Working his way through the ranks at Sara Lee Foods, Jeff eventually became Regional Manager of Wisconsin, Illinois and the Upper Peninsula.

His mantra extends to going above and beyond for his retailers and customers, while providing the best customer service for our high-quality premium products. For him, it’s important to plan, implement and execute with our customers as a consultant, rather than as a salesperson. In his opinion, that’s how sound relationships are built and strengthened over time.

Jeff graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a degree in Journalism and an emphasis on PR and Advertising, along with a minor in Business Management. But it’s his years working vehemently in brand management and gaining strategic experience in sales that have elevated him to new levels of driving consumer engagement and getting behind what we value, bringing only ‘the finest’ Saz’s signature items to local grocery shelves.

Utilizing his past corporate experience allows him to contribute to the overall success of Saz’s Hospitality Group and to continue to grow and expand the brand with exciting new products and increased distribution in the Midwest.

When he’s not championing the Saz’s retail product line, Jeff enjoys spending time with his three wonderful daughters who aspire for great things because of his commitment to his family and continual encouragement. Jeff is also a huge Wisconsin sports fan, where, in his mind, there’s nothing like a Saturday in Madison on game day.