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Jenna Parr

Graphic Designer, Saz's Hospitality Group

With a strong passion for design and visual communication, Jenna is thrilled to contribute her talents to the marketing department as the Graphic Designer for Saz’s Hospitality Group. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she is of course familiar with Saz’s delicious food at the local fairs and festivals she attends every year. In her opinion, you didn’t even go to Summerfest if you didn’t eat some famous sour cream & chive fries.

Working in a restaurant for 8 years, Jenna understands the responsibilities of excellent customer service, communication, management and quick problem solving as a waitress. Whenever Jenna is out grabbing food and drinks, she is the one to always critique or compliment the restaurant signage, menus and marketing collateral. She enjoys that her passion for good design, enticing food and hospitality can be achieved within one career. Especially when it is for such a well known company that thrives in Milwaukee’s fun festival, hospitality and dining scenes. In addition to working as graphic designer for SHG, she is also a creative genius with a camera. At a young age, Jenna knew that her ability to capture moments and visually tell stories would turn into something great for her.

When Jenna isn’t at the office or behind the camera, she enjoys Wisconsin’s four seasons; fishing, hiking and kayaking at her family’s cabin up north and being outside with her dogs. She also loves to bake, dance her heart out and watch movies with a good bowl of homemade popcorn.

No matter what obstacle is thrown at her, Jenna handles everything with an outgoing personality and enthusiastic work ethic. If you see Jenna around, be sure to say hello! If you consider coffee and pizza your two main food groups, you’ll get along just fine.