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Jessica Pham

Marketing Specialist, Saz's Hospitality Group

You’ll most likely find Marketing Specialist Jessica at her desk, wearing giant headphones, and writing copy or tinkering on the backend of the website. With a “let’s see what happens” mentality, Jessica is always ready and willing to take on challenges outside of her comfort zone.

Jessica brings an interesting resume and background to Saz’s Hospitality Group. She has held a variety of positions over the years such as a dishwasher at a convent, selling appliances, short-order cook, and social media manager. Jessica’s professional career started at an advertising agency creating content for an array of brands, such as sausage, pizza, and lawn mower companies. She eventually made the transition to the brand side and was the Social Media and PR Manager at… bet you can’t guess…a ramp company.

After years of working with industries she did not feel passionate about, Jessica is excited to join a well-known hometown adjacent company (She’s a Racine native and can spot a frosted apple Kringle from 20 feet away). In her free time, she loves to bake and share her treats with her coworkers. She believes that food brings people together and her mom taught her that. Throughout her childhood her mother would cook delicious Vietnamese meals and invite strangers into their home to enjoy these laborious meals. Her mother’s reason for opening their home was, “If you were in a new foreign city, I’d hope that someone would invite you over for a Vietnamese meal so you wouldn’t feel so far from home.”