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Keath Stuck

Executive Chef

Leading the culinary team at Saz’s State House is Executive Chef Keath Stuck. It doesn’t take long to glean the full scope of Keath’s passion for the culinary arts, and it takes even less time to like the man as a genuine, compassionate human being. A 1992 graduate of the MATC Culinary Program, Keath places a great deal of emphasis on integrating education with production in his kitchen, always striving for a team well-versed in both culinary practice and earnest investment in complete customer satisfaction.

Originally entering the hospitality world as a dishwasher, Keath has worked his way to leading the charge via experience in restaurants like local supper club-esque The Black Kettle and by working the country club scene at North Hills and West Bend. Expanding his knowledge at a rapid pace, Keath moved on to Sodexo at Marquette University, presenting growth opportunities in account acquisition and program management. His steadfast dedication as the former Executive Chef at Saz’s Catering for three years was extraordinary, at times causing pure shock and confusion when one couldn’t find him in the kitchen! Looking to add a new chapter to his culinary journey, Keath went on to work with dietitians at Columbia St. Mary Hospital. Here he curated delicious and perfectly balanced meals for inhouse patients and on campus staff. We’re overjoyed to welcome Keath back to the SHG family as the Executive Chef at Saz’s State House.

Outside of the prep kitchen, Keath is a family man, as well – and a proud father, at that. In the spare time he squeezes from goodness-knows-where, Keath has worked with top Milwaukee Chefs like Steven Wade and Sandy D’Amato to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald House, amidst other charitable activities. Always looking for new ideas, methods, flavor combinations and inspiration, Keath is truly a unique blend of seasoned talent and fresh innovation, customizing today’s tastings on the spot while maintaining focus on the next culinary masterpiece.

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