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Kristal Kaiser

Marketing Director, Corporate Sales, Donations

A 2014 addition to the Saz’s Hospitality Group, Kristal brings to the table a myriad of professional experience in marketing, public relations and event management. Add to this over ten years of food and beverage experience and a detail-driven character, and you’ve got an individual who thrives on variety when rooted in strategy. A completely contradictory conundrum? Perhaps. Holding former titles like Communications Specialist, Room Director, Sourcing Planner, Project Manager, Certified Trainer, and Meeting and Event Planner, Kristal’s experience runs the gamut, frequently earning her an additional moniker of “Jill of All Trades.” A stickler for anything but the ordinary, Kristal welcomes the unusual, the unexpected, and the just plain strange. She’s coordinated flyovers, quoted out elephants, arranged for high-profile entertainment in rented-out theme parks, directed photography and videography, trafficked broadcast media, given last-minute interviews to the same media, written copy of all kinds, stood on press altering color saturations at 3am, subbed in for a National Anthem singer when a no-show situation arose, breathed in copious amounts of nitromethane from the pits of NHRA Funny Cars, covered festivals from inside a hot air balloon, and a number of other bizarre, but exhilarating, experiences. Kristal is thrilled to contribute her B.A in Communications and Professional Writing Certificate, her motley credentials, and her unconventional character to a team of hard-working individuals equally enthused by the variety this industry brings. For Kristal, the best reward is satisfaction in a job well done as evidenced by the smile on the face of those participating.