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Madison Sternig

Graphic Designer, Saz's Hospitality Group
Madison Sternig - Graphic Designer at Saz's Hospitality Group

It’s a community-driven approach to design, a background in the service industry, and a love for all things local that make Madison Sternig, Graphic Designer for Saz’s Hospitality Group, such a creative presence on the Saz’s team!

Madison’s focus is to create visuals that express the heart of the Saz’s brand. This is captured through a variety of projects, from designing menus, creating signage for a variety of events, optimizing digital ads and developing other promotional materials. Madison’s creative curiosity and ability to quickly adopt new methods of storytelling has allowed her to dive further into new mediums, like photographing Saz’s products, special events, and general day-to-day life at Saz’s. No doubt, essential ways of showcasing who Saz’s is as a brand and the individuals who sustain its vision.

In her free time, Madison enjoys working in her personal studio where she practices printmaking and mixed media, exhibiting at local galleries. She also enjoys Irish Dancing, with 12 years of point hop backs under her belt! When she’s kicking back and enjoying some R&R, she loves to spend time thrift shopping or get down with some good hot wings, a food she considers a mild obsession. Word’s out on what she thinks of our State Street Wings from Sazs’ State House!

With a background in mixed media and printmaking, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts as well as a minor in Design from the University of Minnesota, Madison has maintained an affinity for the service industry for many years because of its range, longevity, and sense of community. In a way, her passion for design and branding has found its way back to the to the industry she feels so connected to.

With such a nuanced approach to creative, a love for service and an eye for expressing her creativity through community-driven projects, her talent adds that perfect layer of adaptability to Saz’s Hospitality Group. To Madison, having a sincere passion for what you do is just as important as being experienced in the field.