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Melissa Shaw

Senior Sales & Events Manager

Tenacious, resourceful, and eager to always find a way to say “yes!”, Melissa Shaw brings nearly two decades of hospitality experience to Saz’s Hospitality Group as Senior Sales & Event Planner.

Melissa believes that a guest may or may not recognize a detail when it isn’t present, but they will remember it because it IS present! When she thinks of hospitality, it’s not about the individual details, but how each detail makes an entire, unforgettable experience. With a primary focus on corporate and non-wedding social events, Melissa loves to work with new and existing clients to provide consistent, high-quality service and unforgettable catered events. It is her ultimate goal to leave her clients and their guests raving about their event.

Never afraid of change, Melissa strongly encourages guests to not only embrace current trends, but to create new ones! Her approach is 360 degrees because “it’s very important to appeal to all senses when designing events and providing services in hospitality.”

Beyond creating memorable events Melissa loves cold weather (even though it’s a pretty unpopular opinion) and she previously lived in New Orleans and Denver! She spends her free time playing beach volleyball year-round, studying astrology from a psychological perspective and practicing meditation for spiritual and mental wellness!