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Steve Holz

Executive Chef

“Saz’s gave me the skillset for life and a culinary career, which has brought me back full circle to my roots.” It would seem, then, that rolling mozzarella sticks by hand in the basement prep kitchen at Saz’s State House was the launch pad to the culinary career of Steve Holz.

Steve has had the rare honor of seeing Saz’s Hospitality Group expand from its beginnings in the small kitchen of the flagship Saz’s State House Restaurant to its new home on Walker Street. As executive chef of our Lake Country location, Steve spends his day cultivating a stimulating and positive environment for the culinary crew. From placing and receiving orders to food production to off-site catering execution, it is his job to protect the recipes behind the food and ensure a high standard of food quality. This diligence has bolstered his personal philosophy of “respect the food and all the people behind it.”

His first mission statement in his culinary world journey was “keeping it fresh, by keeping it local,” and this vision of regional foods and cooking has been the focal point to his cuisine. Steve has always enjoyed the drive behind cooking and how it creates conversations. A perfectly curated meal “evokes emotional feelings and memories.” Working for Saz’s has given him the opportunity to expand into different cooking styles, techniques, and genres of food.

Outside of the kitchen Steve finds Zen playing his many musical instruments, such as viola, mandolin, guitar, banjo, brass, and reed instruments… just to name a few. He’s happily married to his wife Anna of 10+ years and is the proud father of two boys. When Steve isn’t playing music, you’re likely to find him foraging in the woods for seasonal mushrooms or gardening. He loves the rewards of gardening, noting that “the more you put into it, the greater the return and benefits.” Which he believes is not only true when it comes to gardening, but also in life and work.

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