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Summer time in Milwaukee is the perfect opportunity to slather on some sunscreen and spend quality time outdoors basking in the rays. Throw in a summer picnic at a great location and you’re all in for a great way to party outside.

Planning an outdoor summer picnic for a few friends is fairly straightforward; call up your friends, grab a few snacks, pick a spot, enjoy. On the other hand, planning a summer picnic for a corporate event or any other large-scale social outing takes a bit more finesse. And for most, it brings a lot more responsibility, and sometimes unnecessary stress, to the table.

Years spent planning and catering events and VIP private parties at the Wisconsin State Fair Hospitality Village, Summerfest and Washington County Fair tells us that coordinating and catering both large and small outdoor events takes careful planning and a great team to get things moving. That’s why after deciding on a few important details, we can take that next step in creating one of the most enjoyable outdoor experiences you and your guests will have all year. It’s just one assurance we make in offering The Finest in catering for nearly 30 years.

With any event, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before diving into the fun stuff.

It’s all about the right space to suit your guests

How many people are you expecting? Is it a large company event that requires plenty of elbow room or is it a family reunion that calls for the perfect BBQ? Take a few notes or draft up a guest list; whatever works best for you to get a good headcount.

Location, location, location

With so many great spots around Southeastern Wisconsin to pick from, you can find the perfect location for any summer event. Whether you need space for 50 or 500, we’ve got a list of venues that are perfect for any size celebration. Looking to have an afternoon picnic in your own backyard or at a local park? We can definitely help with that. Thinking of something a bit more festive on the lakefront or a golf outing on a beautifully-scenic golf course? We’ve got a few options in mind for that, as well.

A good celebration calls for a convenient date

With any big event, plenty of time to plan and coordinate is key. Have a date in mind and a location, give us a call and we can quickly check on availability. Need some help picking a date? We can help with that, too, giving you plenty of breathing room to prepare and book your location of choice.

What’s on the menu?

Now for the fun stuff – picking a great menu. A great menu should not only be delicious, it should be fun! Have a theme in mind? Let that inspire your thinking on where you want to take the menu. We’ve got plenty of ideas in that ballpark, so feel free to pick our brains for a few. A Hawaiian-themed pig roast or a Brewers tailgate BBQ at Miller Park? We’ve done them all.

And a special tip about menu planning that many forget – don’t forget your guests with dietary restrictions or food allergies. Make sure you include items that all can enjoy! For example, are any of your guests gluten intolerant or vegetarian? You can lean on us for guidance on picking the perfect menu that leaves no guest feeling left out. Take a peek at our menus page and get a taste of what we can provide.

The fun is up to you!

With a great full-service caterer handling all the planning, coordinating and serving; you’ve got all that free time to plan all the fun activities, book your entertainment and make sure your event is the hit it deserves to be! With a tailgate party at Miller Park, we can handle tent rentals and grid reservations, giving you plenty of time to plan fun activities. Hosting a corporate event or family reunion at Saz’s Hospitality Village at State Fair? You’ll enjoy a variety of flexible options and available perks, like discounted admission tickets, décor and linens, and cream puff delivery! It’s the details that make an event especially memorable, but adding the details doesn’t have to mean adding the work when there’s a planner involved!

With such a seasonal appeal in the area, moving your next big event outdoors is a Milwaukee must! Fortunately, we’ve planned and catered our fair share to make the whole process simple and stress-free. Once you’ve browsed our venues and menus page and have a few ideas, give us a call at 414.256.8765 or shoot us an email at