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Five ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, they say! Which, of course, means different things to different folks. To us, like with any holiday, it’s a great opportunity to embrace its cultural significance, bring people together over tasty food, and have a ton of fun!

Whether you choose to stay in and enjoy some beers on your porch, have a proper Irish feast or throw a jiggin’ St. Paddy’s Day party with your quarantine crew, be sure to make the most of this festive day of Irish pride! And if you’re not sure how you’re planning to enjoy the day, here are a few of our favorite ways to celebrate!

1) Drink and Eat Irish at Saz’s State House

If you enjoy good craft beer, Irish-inspired fare and taking in all the camaraderie that comes with hitting your local pub on this festive holiday, then Saz’s State House is the perfect spot! In fact, the Round Bar was designed to make it easier for guests to connect and get a great view of what’s happening around them.

Look to Saz’s State House for plenty of party-starting Irish-themed drink specials and our special St. Patrick’s Day Menu, March 16-21, 2021!

2) Play some Irish Games

What better way to break the ice with your fellow kinsman than with a few Irish-inspired games! With games like Who’s the Leprechaun, Gold Coin Toss, Pin the Hat on the Leprechaun, kids and adults alike will be feeling the heat of some friendly competition.

You can even feed your competitive side with an Irish Games tournament! That’s sure to get plenty involved. With so many great parks in Milwaukee, like Humboldt Park in Bayview and Estabrook Park in Shorewood, there plenty of room to take the fun outdoors. 

3) Have an Irish-themed potluck

If you’re adventurous with your food like we are, host your very own Irish-themed potluck or dinner party.

Even if a day of drinking is on the agenda, we all need to eat, right? If you’re having a potluck, you can leave the most of the cooking up to your guests, but if you want something classic with a creative spin, we’d love to help! While our menus have been carefully crafted over the years, we love taking inspiration from wherever we can.

Consider classic dishes like Shepherd’s Pie, Wild Irish Salmon or Irish Stew prepared with plenty of love and culinary flexibility. If you have something special in mind, reach out to us let us know more about your event and the type of menu you envision. We’d love to work with you and make it happen!

And don’t forget dessert! Our personal faves: Irish stout cake and Guinness and Chocolate Cheesecake! While these require some planning and lead time to prepare, we have plenty of items on our Petite Dessert Menu that can be prepared with shorter notice. 

Whatever you do or wherever you go, St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect day to let loose, be creative and have some fun. Keep it simple with festive drinks and delicious food at Saz’s State House or take it to another level with your very own St. Paddy’s Day bash! And don’t forget to wear green!

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