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In 1992, Saz’s made its debut on local grocery shelves, enabling us to accompany you at the dinner table – an honor that is truly indescribable. Since then, Saz’s Signature Products have graced the shelves of more than 250 retail establishments throughout Wisconsin – a great accomplishment by any standards, but not one we’ve attained alone. Below are some of our valued local manufacturing and product packaging partners who make it possible to bring Saz’s to the shelves of your local store.

Contract Comestibles Local Partners


Contract Comestibles, LLC located in East Troy, WI began its partnership with Saz’s in 1999. Contract manufactures Saz’s Gluten-Free BBQ Sauces for both retail and food service operations, along with Saz’s Gluten-Free Signature House Salad Dressing for food service. Contract’s Food Chemist, Matt Nitz, has been instrumental in assisting Saz’s BBQ Products Division in developing Saz’s Signature restaurant recipes for manufacturing in both retail and food service applications. Contract’s John Delikat worked with Saz’s team and Parker Plastics (Pleasant Prairie, WI) to design Saz’s 28 oz. retail BBQ Sauce bottle. All cardboard boxes used for Saz’s products are sourced through Wisconsin Packaging Co. (Fort Atkinson, WI), resulting in a wholly locally-sourced operation of which both Contract Comestibles and Saz’s BBQ Products are infinitely proud. To read Contract Comestible’s Gluten-Free statement, click here.

Riverside Foods Local Partners


Located in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, Riverside Foods has been a loyal Saz’s business partner since March 1993. Riverside Foods developed a method of hand-rolling 100% Real Wisconsin Mozzarella cheese in a traditional wonton wrapper, duplicating Saz’s signature festival-famous Mozzarella Marinara. In 1998, Riverside developed a Saz’s Mini Mozzarella Stick that could be baked at home, spurring the retail sale of the festival-favorite in local grocery stores. Riverside Foods also produces Saz’s Leinenkugel – Kettle Brau All-Natural White Cheddar Curds. Keeping things fresh and local, these Wisconsin curds leave the plant in the morning then are processed and flash-frozen at Riverside same-day, later fried and served to eager diners at Saz’s State House Restaurant, at events serviced by Saz’s Catering and its sister divisions and, of course, at the festivals you know and love. Additionally, you can pick up some Saz’s Curds in the freezer section of participating retailers. Over the years, Saz’s and Riverside have joined forces to bring other unique appetizers on the scene, as well. One particularly hot seller with which you might be familiar is Saz’s Fried Pickles. Recently receiving its Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification, Riverside has been – and continues to be – an innovative partner to Saz’s product division.

Boneworks Culinarte Local Partners


Bonewerks Culinarte of Green Bay, Wisconsin has been a Saz’s local business partner since 2012. Tom Sausen, Corporate Chef and President/Co-Owner, successfully upgraded Saz’s BBQ Pork and BBQ Chicken to an all-natural, antibiotic-free, hormone-free alternative, still implementing the use of Saz’s Signature Original BBQ Sauce. Tom utilizes Harry Melotte of Melotte Distributing located in Green Bay, Wisconsin to spec and source Duroc pork and chicken products especially for Saz’s BBQ Products, resulting in an even better, tastier, more mouthwatering product than you knew before. Bonewerks Culinarte follows all HACCP guidelines and, as a USDA plant, is inspected up to three times daily, ensuring consistently top-notch product for Saz’s customers.