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Service Styles

Wondering if a buffet or stations is the way to go for your next event? Or something completely different? Let us help you decide.

Formal Service

  • Typically served at elegant and formal services (formal, black-tie affairs)
  • Three courses are generally served (soup/salad, entrée, and dessert)
  • Guests remain seated for the meal and are served all courses by our wait staff 
  • Our culinary team plates up your food just before it goes into the room, just as it is served at a restaurant

Pro Tip: This service style accommodates tight dining spaces extremely well.

  • Buffet Service is the preferred style for large gatherings, including formal wedding receptions
  • A cost-effective style option for lower budgets or more casual events, as it requires minimal staffing when guests serve themselves
  • Pair with a pre-plated salad to keep a formal atmosphere
  • Guests choose what they want from a selection of items and serve themselves
  • Menu items are prepared in advance, and served from chafing dishes
  • Stations are a great style that promotes networking and mingling for your guests
  • Considered a casual, yet entertaining experience that keeps guests active and engaged
  • Creatively decorated with unique presentations, themes and décor
  • Several dish options are available for your station’s cuisine
  • Whether it’s a hot station attended by one of our chefs or a make-your-own bar, these action stations elevate your entire event
  • Family Style is a popular choice for weddings and corporate team-building gatherings
  • Guests will be seated at a table while our service staff brings out the food on large serving platters to be passed around, allowing guests to get a chance to get to know each other as they dine
  • This is a very inviting and interactive approach to your event

Pro tip: Because you’ll have large platters passed around and set on the table, you may need to invest in larger tablescapes or smaller centerpieces. You want to ensure your guests will have enough room and be comfortable.

  • Great for networking, mingling & open house events
  • Can be budget-friendly and can accommodate small to large groups
  • Hors d’oeuvre parties can be fun and dynamic with a large menu variety to choose from
  • Our staff will be present throughout the event with passed and displayed items

Pro tip: Dress it up or down! From a formal feel to casual and carefree, you can make a cocktail party what you want

Casual Service

  • Our staff will arrive on site, set up your buffet based on your menu requirements, monitor and replenish as needed
  • Our staff will clear dining surfaces to ensure a clean area free of disposed items
  • This style of service offers optimum service for any size group, but is strongly recommended for groups over 50 guests
  • If you don’t require full-service catering, but still want a traditional buffet set up, this is for you
  • Our staff will arrive to set up the buffet, then return at a mutually agreed upon time to retrieve the equipment and supplies
  • This style of service is not recommended for groups over 50 guests
  • Perfect for office meetings and smaller groups, our driver will arrive and drop off food at your location
  • All food will arrive in disposable aluminum or plastic containers
  • Don’t need our services, but love Saz’s food? This is the perfect option for you
  • Items can be packaged hot or cold for your event. Food is packaged in disposable pans 
  • “Pickup” pricing includes disposable plates, napkins, flatware