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Wisconsin Favorite

Saz’s Original BBQ Sauce is the same savory sauce used on Saz’s award winning ribs. Enjoy it at home on ribs, pork, burgers and brats – or as a delicious dip with Saz’s Mini Mozzarella Sticks or Cheddar Cheese Curds. Saz’s is sure to bring a smile to the face of your favorite grillers and guests!

Get Sassy

Saz’s Sassy Barbecue Sauce is the same savory sauce as Saz’s Original, but with a kick of Jalapeño peppers. You get a little extra heat, but we don’t set your mouth on fire. It’s just a little sassier. Saz’s Sassy Sauce is perfect on chicken, pork and potatoes or as a dip with chips, cheese and veggies.

Deliciously Different

Saz’s Vidalia® Onion Barbecue Sauce is made with 7.59% real Georgia Vidalia® Onions. This delicious sauce showcases the delicate, sweet flavor of Vidalia® Onion, and blends it into the world of barbecue. It’s scrumptious on hamburgers, meatloaf, brats, and salmon, makes an amazing Sloppy Joe and is a tasty dip for appetizers.

Saz introduced his Saz Signature Original BBQ Sauce recipe to the retail grocery shelves in 1992 due to his customer demand to have ‘Saz’s at home. Over 23 years later, Saz continues to bring only ‘the finest’ Saz’s Signature items to local grocery shelves. Now you can enjoy all three Saz’s Gluten-Free and made with real sugar BBQ Sauces, Saz’s award-winning Baby Back BBQ Ribs, and Festival-Famous appetizers at home anytime the “got to have some Saz’s” craving hits!

Saz's Signature BBQ Sauces - Vidalia Onion, Original, and Sassy BBQ Sauce

Original, Sassy and Vidalia Onion will create limitless possibilities in your kitchen or on the grill.

Saz's Pepper Jack Sticks

Saz’s Festival-Famous Cheddar Curds and Mini Mozz – now available ready-to-bake in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Saz's Famous BBQ Ribs

Easy to prepare, Saz’s Famous Ribs can be on the dinner table in no time!

Saz's Guide to Gluten-Free

Whether you have gluten sensitivity or total intolerance, living gluten-free comes with its own challenges. Here’s your guide to being gluten-free with Saz’s.

Local Partners

Saz’s BBQ Products wouldn’t be the same without the local partnerships that support their production. Learn more about these valued partners here.

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