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Milwaukee Festivals

Saz’s Festival Schedule

The best time of year is here: Festival Season. While we are officially kicking off at the Dan Jansen Family Festival the weekend of May 24-26, our Saz's team is ready to serve up our festival famous mozz sticks, combo…

Milwaukee Restaurant Dog friendly patio

Pups Welcome on Saz’s Patio!

Everyone's always on the hunt for a Milwaukee restaurant with a dog friendly patio- and we're happy to say that Saz's State House can be added to your list! Having a social life with a pet can be challenging sometimes,…

South Second Event Venue Space

South Second’s New Outdoor Patio Coming 2024

Saz’s Hospitality Group is excited to announce their plans of expanding their exclusive venue, South Second, in the heart of Walker’s Point. Currently a modern and industrial venue, Saz’s plans to add a new outdoor patio with an outdoor bar…

Team Saz's at the Lakefront with Top Work Place Award

Saz’s Receives Top Workplaces Award

Saz's is a seven time recipient of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Top Work Places award. The Top Workplaces Award recognizes companies who continually foster employee growth and development in the work place.
Saz's Catering creating custom menus for Milwaukee events

Create a Custom Menu with Saz’s

Hosting an event, whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, a gala or fundraiser, or social event, can be a fun experience with a lot of options to choose from. The venue, the music, the lights, the decoration- it’s a lot…

Wedding Planning Timeline

Saz’s Wedding Planning Checklist

The question was popped, the champagne was toasted, some ugly crying probably ensued, and now you’re ready to put your wedding planning pants on to ensure you and your fiancé have a realistic timeframe to plan your dream wedding. Someone…

Open Venue Tours

Saz’s Open Venue Tours

Saz's Exclusive Event Open Venue Tours | Select Dates in 2024 | 5pm - 7pm Are you in the market for a stunning event space this year? Perhaps you're freshly engaged, starting your wedding planning process, scouting for this year's…


Meet Our Sales & Events Team!

Dine with us on 55th and State in December and we’ll hand the host an envelope to take home with a surprise inside. There’s a catch: NO PEEKING! We know you’ll be dying to know what’s inside, but we don’t want to spoil the fun!