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Beyond the Blues & BBQ

Saturday, September 19, 2015 at 6:30 pm, join Saz’s Catering at Milwaukee’s Historic Turner Hall Ballroom for a night of live music and BBQ in support of the Charles E. Kubly Foundation, “a public charity devoted to improving the lives of those affected by depression.” The Charles E. Kubly Foundation works to provide grants to nonprofit organizations for projects consistent with their mission to raise awareness of depression, reduce the stigma associated with it, and help people access resources in their communities. Additionally, the Foundation has successfully funded many projects that address suicide prevention, including Active Minds on Campus at Marquette, the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival, and The Wisconsin Initiative for Stigma Elimination (WISE).

Depression is a serious but treatable and common medical illness that’s typified by sadness, sleeping too little or too much, eating too little or too much, and loss of interest in usually pleasurable activities, leading the World Health Organization to classify the disease as the one resulting in the greatest number of years lived with disability. Clinically depressed people make up 90% of the suicide attempts in the U.S.; by increasing depression awareness, we decrease the U.S.’ rate of suicide which currently exceeds that of homicide. Want to join the Charles E. Kubly Foundation in the fight? All it takes is enjoying a little BBQ at the 12th Annual Beyond the Blues & BBQ! To learn more about depression, suicide and how you can help to decrease the rate of both, visit the Charles E. Kubly Foundation website. Have questions? Contact Kris Rick at krick@charlesekublyfoundation.org.