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Cultural Celebrations

The Milwaukee area is a proverbial melting pot of culture – a fact Saz’s Hospitality Group appreciates and embraces in all it does. Coinciding with this cultural diversity is an inherent need for full-service catering that celebrates tradition while still respecting cultural authenticity.

Some cultural celebrations are commonly accepted and regularly practiced with Americanized menus. For instance, religion-based culinary practices, like abstaining from meat during lent, are very much acknowledged and accommodated by restaurants and caterers across the area. Passover’s celebration is highlighted by the ritual “Seder” meal, sometimes replicated on area menus. Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Quinceañeras, and Oktoberfest are all celebrations born in another culture, but adopted and represented in American menus.

Saz’s reflects these cultural celebrations in standard menus, yes – but we encourage so much more. Our Executive Chef and his innovative team are absolutely dedicated to delivering cultural authenticity to a menu for your celebration. In some cases, our expert culinary staff has even recreated long-lost recipes down to the perfect pinch of spice in an effort to preserve flavors passed down through generations.

At Saz’s Catering, we realize that most events center around a purpose, and many incorporate a gathering of family, perhaps even bringing in relatives from destinations on the other side of the globe. The flavors of our history bind us together, creating memories that will last a lifetime as you and your guests join in celebration. Your event manager and culinary team will work tirelessly to create the menu you envision for any event, regardless of the cultural specifications you desire.

Reach out today to connect with a Saz’s Catering event manager. A few simple questions about your event, and you’ll be on your way to representing your cultural in a way you and your guests can treasure!