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Stay Warm with Saz's Chili

New Limited Time Chili!

In January, Saz’s Hospitality Group hosted its 1st Annual Chili Cook-Off, where 70+ of our team members voted on the best chili made by nine fellow Sazerinos. The 1st place crowd favorite, Engine House 19 Chili, will be featured on the Saz’s State House menu for a limited time from 1/31 – 2/26. Come try the winning chili and see what all the buzz is about!

Here from Terre Kent, our 1st Place Crowd Favorite winner on her Engine House 19 Chili on why her and her partner, Bill Klar, first dreamed up this delicious chili:

Engine House 19 Chili Mix was developed in our home kitchens from a shared love of cooking and the desire to create a fundraising product for First Responders.  By combining our interest in charitable work, honoring the First Responders in our immediate families, and the desire to work with local businesses to develop a product, Engine House 19 Chili Mix was a natural fit.  We used (trademarked) the name Engine House 19 because it was the station that housed the Milwaukee Fire Boat, The Deluge, which was retired in 1984.   In true Milwaukee fashion, our chili recipe calls for  a bottle of beer.  We recommend having two bottles on hand!  One for use in the recipe and the other for the cook.

Don’t miss your chance to try Engine House 19 Chili for yourself, now available for a limited time at Saz’s State House, from January 31 to February 26!

Chili cook off

Chili winner, Terre K., with Saz’s COO Joe Brueggemann.