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Milwaukee Wedding Venue
Recently engaged and unsure of where to start?

Winter- the time of year that can be filled with snow and ice, and also that diamond ice (if you know what we’re saying). Engagements happen left and right between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day- nearly 40% of them to be exact! With this exciting engagement season comes all the possibilities and ideas you start dreaming up for your wedding day, but before you start deciding on your color theme or what types of flower you want in your bouquet, choosing your wedding date and your wedding venue should be at the top of your list. 

When you secure your wedding date, you open doors for conversations with other wedding vendors so you can start booking. So naturally, you would think that would be your first step. But au contraire!  Before you set a date, you should find a wedding venue that is available before solidifying anything else.

Why, you ask? Because your wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll make about your wedding day. We know a thing or two (or five) about running our exclusive Milwaukee venues, and we want to share the five things you should consider when picking your dream wedding venue.

1. Ambiance

When you think about your wedding day, it has a feel to it, doesn’t it? If you want a classic and timeless feel, you wouldn’t choose an industrial warehouse. Or if you wanted something modern and chic, you wouldn’t choose a historic venue. Whether you want to follow wedding trends or have stuck to your childhood dream wedding, there are so many incredible Milwaukee wedding venues to choose from, and we’re here to help narrow down your selection! We are preferred wedding caterers at a wide variety of southeast Wisconsin venues; click here to see the full list.

Milwaukee Wedding planner
Milwaukee Wedding planner

Christi Elizabeth Photography

Milwaukee Wedding

Mackenzie Orth Photography

Milwaukee Wedding Venue

Lottie Lillian Photography

2. Lighting

An incredibly important detail to keep in mind as you tour venues is the lighting. Take note of the amount of natural light that the venue space offers, along with the artificial lighting that the venue has installed throughout their space. Your venue’s lighting will affect the look of your wedding photos, because it will be the background for 50-70% of your wedding day! 

Pro tip: check out the venue’s social media channels to see past weddings and what different times of day look like. We’ll help you out with our exclusive venue’s instagram channels too. 

The George and Madcap Lounge
Jan Serr Studio
Marcus Performing Arts Center
South Second
Western Lakes Golf Club

Outdoor wedding venue in Milwaukee
Outdoor wedding venue in Milwaukee

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Luxury Milwaukee Wedding Venue

Meghan Lee Harris Photography 

Milwaukee wedding venue

Reminisce Photography

3. Wedding Budget (and what’s included)

We know that expenses can add up quickly as you start to plan your wedding, and you may be tempted to cross off venues that are out of your initial price range. However, we want to offer a new perspective that many may not realize: venue rentals can come with add-ons included in the pricing! Ask the venue team about what is included in the rental, which could include access to onsite getting ready suites, chair rentals, china and silverware, napkins, etc. Every venue is different, and it’s important to look at what all the packages include- you definitely want to get your money’s worth on your wedding day!

Anna Page Photography

Milwaukee Wedding Venue

Sarah Rose Creative

Milwaukee Venue Wedding Packages

Hannah Toldt Photography

4. Capacity

If you have a general idea of how big or small you want your wedding to be, capacity will be a factor to consider when searching for a wedding venue. If you want a more cozier feel for an intimate wedding, you can easily make a smaller venue work. But if you’re looking to have a large guest list of closer to 200-300, you’re going to have to be more selective. Lucky for you our venue finder has sorting capabilities based on capacity, so your venue search can start off on an easy, breezy foot!

Pro tip: When looking at capacities, try to find a venue that will give you wiggle room between your guest count and the max capacity. You don’t want your guests to feel crammed with little breathing space if you go up to the absolute max capacity; it’s not fun for anyone (including your wedding vendors who will be moving around your space throughout the day/evening.)

Milwaukee wedding caterer
Milwaukee wedding caterer

McNiel Photography

Lake Country wedding venue

SB Photo and Design

Milwaukee Wedding Caterer

Hannah Toldt Photography

5. The Venue Team

Last, but certainly not least, getting a feel for the venue team should be an important factor when deciding about where you host your wedding. Your vendors are individuals that will assist in the planning and execution of your wedding day- it’s important to know if they are communicative, detail-oriented, and committed to giving their clients a great wedding day experience. It’s clear when it’s just a job vs. someone’s passion. Our team at Saz’s loves working with our clients and helping to bring their plans to life. Here from one of our recent couples if you don’t believe us!

Milwaukee Wedding Venue

Pro tip: If you want to hear from real wedding couples, look up reviews on The Knot, WeddingWire, and Google My Business for your venue. It can offer you an authentic experience and offer tips/advice to take into account for your wedding day!

Your wedding venue will be a backdrop to some of your most cherished memories- it will hold all of your favorite people together in one room. Choose a venue that will fit what you want and need with a team that will make your dreams come to life. We hope that you’ll consider working with us at Saz’s Hospitality Group, whether it be one of our exclusive venues, or one of the many venues that we are preferred caterers at. Click below to learn more about the Saz’s Wedding Experience.