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Considering the Needs of Your Wedding Guests - Angie Nieman

As part of our Wedding Expert Series, we ask our Saz’s Catering team to share their insight and provide helpful tips to ensure your wedding is a complete success without the stress of wondering if you’ve covered every angle. In this edition, we talk about the importance of considering the needs of your wedding guests with Saz’s Catering Sales & Event Manager, Angie Nieman.

Be Considerate of Your Guest’s Dietary Restrictions

I always recommend including a section on your RSVP card for your guests to note any allergies or dietary restrictions. As someone with food allergies, I often find myself keeping my allergies to myself. I think “well, I don’t want to be a bother.”

However, if there is a section to include my allergies, I always do, because I know that I am not being a bother and that my allergies will be taken into consideration.

With so many couples using websites like The Knot for their RSVPs, it is so easy to include a section to note any allergies or dietary restrictions. Take advantage of these tools. Your guests will definitely appreciate it!

Prepare for unexpected dietary restrictions the day of your event

A good way to be prepared for unexpected dietary needs is to be proactive in including something gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc. on the menu. Alternatively, you can request a special meal for guests with specific dietary needs to be on hand just in case.

Sometimes guests will forget their date’s allergies or dietary restrictions when RSVP-ing. If you already have a delicious meal ready with these restrictions in mind, then you won’t have guests going hungry at your wedding!

Create a Menu that will Satisfy Most Guests

Having a well-rounded meal is a great idea, no matter if you have guests with dietary restrictions or not. While I love our bacon-wrapped items, I would never recommend having a cocktail hour that only consists of things wrapped in bacon!

Your selections should include a range of things from heavy to light, vegetarian to meat-hearty, dairy-free vs. cheese, cheese, and more cheese. This will make sure every guest gets a chance to eat something amazing!

Finally, don’t over think it! If your RSVPs come in with a load of allergies or dietary restrictions, pick one meal that will satisfy all parties. Allowing your guests to substitute items or ingredients will just slow down your service time and leave less time for dancing!

If you have any questions about how to better meet the needs of your guests, feel free to reach out to me at angie@sazs.com!