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Steve Cullen Healthy Heart Run/Walk

In 1995, Milwaukee Alderman Steve Cullen passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack at the age of 40. With family ties to Saz’s in the way of over 50 years of collective service in the hospitality industry by family near and dear to Alderman Cullen, this loss impacted the Saz’s family deeply in a number of ways.

As such, Saz’s is proud to have extended a hand to support the Cullen Healthy Heart Club Run/Walk, which donates every dollar raised to heart research, as a sponsor for several years.

Heart disease, the main cause of cardiac arrest, is the number one cause of death in the United States and affects one in every four men and one in every four women.

Join Saz’s in the fight against heart disease by registering for the 23rd Annual Steve Cullen Healthy Heart Run/Walk taking place Saturday, February 9th, 2019 at Underwood Parkway in Wauwatosa.

Since 1997, members and volunteers of the Cullen Run/Walk have worked alongside many community partners to raise awareness around this life-changing and debilitating disease, as well as raise over $415,000 to support life-saving heart research.

To register for this year’s 2-mile walk or 8k run, click here. Register by January 31st to ensure you receive a colorful, dry-weave long sleeve t-shirt. Even if you choose not to run or walk, you can still show your support by donating.

Click here to make a contribution, or consider creating a fundraising account of your own to share with friends and family.

Saz’s State House is proud to support this year’s race by hosting an afterparty for all to attend immediately following the event on February 9th. A portion of the day’s sales will go directly to benefit the Cullen Run/Walk, and ultimately heart research at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

We’re pleased to be able to join in this yearly tradition and help in the fight against heart disease. Please, consider joining us in support in any way you can and by sharing this article with friends and family to promote this important event.

Steve Cullen Healthy Heart Run/Walk
Steve Cullen Healthy Heart Run/Walk
Steve Cullen Healthy Heart Run/Walk
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