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Who’s feeling lucky this holiday season? Michelle, our Senior Event Planner, drew up what a Holiday Casino Night at South Second would look like, and we’re betting that you’re going to love it as much as we do.

As you walk across the street, you can see through the windows of South Second a haze of colorful lights. The doors are opened for you, and you step into a casino while being handed a champagne flute. Chips clinking on tables echo in the background as you take in the scene. Your see your friends around the tables, laughing and clapping at successful betting victories. Others sip on dirty martinis, lounging on couches deep in conversation.

You pick up your chips and assess the room- where are you going to play your first round? A bit of Black Jack perhaps? Or the Poker table? Or learn a new game at the Baccarat table? Your possibilities are endless! You grab a plate and load up on snacks from the Charcuterie board and stake your place at the table.

The drinks are flowing and you’re on fire with the hands you’ve been dealt. It feels almost criminal for you to walk away and start putting together your plate of hors d’ oeuvres for dinner. But then you see your options, and wonder why you didn’t stop sooner.

As you stroll through the jovial “casino” you see the JACKPOT: a seafood station, complete with lobster and oysters, followed by a meat carving station. Your plate if piled high with goodness. Do you dare go back for some more charcuterie goodness? (The answer is always yes.) 

The sounds of cheers and comical sighs fill the air as you and your friends continue to laugh throughout the night.

Want to attend a party like this? Work with our team, and it can be yours this holiday season. Event availability is limited, call our sales team today at 414-256-8765 or contact Jaime Peterson at jaime@sazs.com before you lose your chance to rock around the Christmas Tree with us.

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– Pinterest