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We asked Amber Landre, Sales Manager, to plan her dream holiday party at Western Lake Golf Club. See her vision come to life before your eyes and take a trip down memory lane for a night celebrating an Old School Wisconsin Supper Club Christmas!

A sense of nostalgia will sweep over you as you pull up and see a neon sign with flashing lights that reads, “Saz’s Supper Club” on the front lawn with a fresh coat of snow. From outside, you can see strung lights hanging from the ceiling that creates that cozy feeling we all know and love. As you walk through the doors and up the stairs to the main event, you’re greeted with the choice of an Old Fashioned or Manhattan. The smells of pine, cinnamon, and a soft hint of chimney smoke waft in the entry way along with Bing Crosby’s Christmas classic playing in the background. You notice the touch of hunter green accents that make you feel like you’re somewhere Up North that compliment well with the decorated Christmas trees throughout the space. Vintage chairs have been brought in to tie in the look, and just wait till you see the spread awaiting you!

Your Christmas favorites are served as a family style dinner, and start out with a classic Wedge Salad and French Onion soup. Our shrimp cocktails are a sure hit, and you find yourself in the perfect spot of enjoying these light and delicate dishes while anticipating the hearty main courses. You can have your choice of the supper club classics: tenderloin steak, prime rib, or broiled lobster. Each dish can be paired with creamed spinach and Au Gratin potatoes to give an even more dynamic taste to the palette. Who knew something so familiar could taste so refreshing? If you’d be craving something sweet after all that goodness, a classic New York Style Cheesecake with strawberries and raspberry meringue would top off the cuisine for the night. Sighs of contentment and full-bellied laughs ring throughout the room as you celebrate with Christmas spirit long into the night.

Want to attend a party like this? Work with our team, and it can be yours this holiday season. Event availability is limited, call our sales team today at 414-256-8765 or contact Jaime Peterson at jaime@sazs.com before you lose your chance to rock around the Christmas Tree with us.

Image Sources: pinterest.com