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Wedding Tips - Perfecting your bar menu

As part of our Wedding Expert Series, we asked members of our Saz’s Catering team to share their insight and helpful tips to ensure your wedding is a complete success without the stress of wondering if you’ve covered every angle. In this edition, we’re talking about throwing together the perfect bar menu for your reception with our Sales & Event Manager, Dan Roche

Consider Your Guests

This celebration is for you and for celebrating a very special occasion! It’s also about creating the most memorable and talked about celebration for both you AND your guests. That’s why I stress to my clients to consider the tastes of their guests, as well as their own.

It’s all fine and well to include a few of your favorite beers and cocktails, especially if it has some kind of special meaning or connection, but great drink menus should be well balanced and include beverages your guests will also enjoy.

Do the beer and wine selection complement the menu? Does your beer selection include a mix of full-flavored and lighter beers? These are a couple of important questions to consider when planning your beverage menu.

Include Plenty of Options

Include a healthy mix of beverage options that features a few of your favorites, as well as a few standard options you know your guests will recognize and enjoy. Have a favorite whiskey or bourbon? Use it in a few featured classic cocktails, like an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan.

Be sure to have a solid variety of beer that includes light and full-flavored hoppy options. Craft beers and craft cocktails are very popular. Feature a few great local varieties to add some Milwaukee flare to your wedding. More on that in a moment!

Add a few Signature Drinks and some Local Flavor

A drink that shows off your and your fiancés personalities is a fun way to include a unique personal touch to your drink menu. But, hold off on the Jack Daniel’s. Local craft spirits are the way to go to enhance the special quality of your event.

We work with great local distillers, like Great Lakes Distillery, to create unique concoctions that will surely impress. You might just introduce your guests to their next favorite cocktail!

More of a beer kind of couple? You can stand out by featuring a few local varieties from Lakefront Brewery or Milwaukee Brewing Co. to celebrate your love for good beer. We are in brew city, after all!

Beverage Packages Vs. Bill on Consumption

When it comes to cost, there are a few options to consider when putting your drink menu together. Say you’re thinking of having an open bar before dinner is served. Do you expect a big pre-dinner drinking crowd? If not, an open bar could end up costing you more if beverages aren’t consumed. Otherwise, an open bar is perfect for those who want to let loose after a ceremony.

For a crowd that consists of mostly casual or non-drinkers, consider a bill on consumption package. It will save you a lot more money at the end of the night.

Don’t Forget the Wine

Most guests, from my experience, enjoy wine with their dinner. Having a red and white option is the way to go. It gives your guests an even better table service experience. No need to worry if you don’t know much about wine.

We encourage our clients to have a wine tasting before making a decision on what wines they’d like to include. We can even select a few wines based on your menu and walk you through each flavor profile.

Taking part in a tasting ensures you find the perfect selection to complement your unique menu that you’ve no doubt put considerable time into. We’re always here to help and ensure you know exactly what you’re getting!

Show Off Your Drink Menu

Once you’ve put together the perfect drink menu, make sure your guests know all about it! Most of the time, beverages aren’t consumed because guests aren’t aware it’s on offer. Be sure to talk to your event planner about having plenty of eye-catching menu signage on display to showcase what’s available.

Your guests might be looking for something new to try and that fancy craft cocktail may be just what they’re in the mood for! Consider including descriptions under each menu item for those unfamiliar with a cocktail’s ingredients or a beer’s flavor profile.

Alternatively, our bartenders are always a great resource for recommendations or shaking up a good cocktail based on your guests’ preferences.

Planning the perfect bar menu doesn’t have to be difficult. Take a bit of what you like and then work with your Event Specialist to include options that are popular and well-balanced for all of your guests to enjoy.

Lean on us to provide recommendations and answer any questions to ensure your menu is perfect for your unique celebration. We’re committed to providing you with the utmost attention to detail. Our main focus is to ensure your celebration is truly one to remember!

If you have any questions about putting together your perfect bar menu, shoot me an email at dan@sazs.com or give me a call at 414.256.8765. Cheers!