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Enjoy our 2022 Sporkies Entry at Saz's State House for limited time only!

State Fair may be over, but we have one last taste of summer for you at Saz’s State House. Our Sporkies’ submission, Country Fried Ribs, was such a hit at State Fair that we decided to give you one more chance to try it and enjoy it for yourselves. From August 23-September 4, you can get country fried goodness at Saz’s State House.

In case you missed it, our Country Fried Ribs are four baby back Duroc pork riblets, tossed in Saz’s secret rib rub, dipped in buttermilk, breaded and deep fried to perfection. We top them with Saz’s House-made Klement’s sausage gravy, which is a surefire way to get your mouth watering.

Summer special
Milwaukee Restaurant
Milwaukee Restaurant
Summer SpecialMilwaukee RestaurantMilwaukee Restaurant

But don’t just take it from us, hear from Lori from OnMilwaukee:

“If you love the flavor of rich, sausage-flecked country gravy and the fall-apart tenderness of well-cooked riblets, this dish is a winner on both counts. Pair that up with the tender, clean-flavored and well-marbled meat of the Duroc hog and this dish is already well on its way to being something special. 

But add a pleasantly crispy chicken-fried coating to the ribs’ exterior, and you’ve got a dish that’s not only chock-full of flavor, but which screams comfort food at every time of the day. Breakfast? Sure. Lunch? Absolutely. Dinner? You know it. Nice work, Saz’s. “

We also had a shoutout from Milwaukee Eats, a local foodstagrammer, saying that our riblets were “my fave this year!” in a recent Instagram Reel.

Stop by and enjoy “The Finest” Saz’s has to offer. We’ll save you a seat at the Round Bar!