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Saz's Awarded WPA Business of the Year

We have been selected as 2016 Business of the Year by the Walker’s Point Association.  After settling into our new catering facility on Walker St., opening an exciting new venue called South Second and proudly being able to call Walker’s Point home, we are humbled by the praise and couldn’t feel more welcome.

To be a part of such a thriving and diverse neighborhood affords us so many opportunities to play a part in its development and we’re excited about what the future brings. The Walker’s Point Association’s mission to support the economic and social diversity of the neighborhood is one that we are only happy to get behind. These are values that drive us and inspire us as we move forward and continue to grow.  Walker’s Point’s history is rich and the neighborhood dynamic and thriving. Take a stroll around its neighborhood and you’ll see why. While you’re there, have a look at our new venue on South Second and stop in and say hi at our catering location on 2nd and Walker.

It’s been an incredible journey for Saz’s Hospitality Group. With celebrating 40 years of “The Finest”, moving our catering division and operations to a new facility in Walker’s Point, and being acknowledged for some really awesome achievements, we couldn’t be happier that our vision to provide excellent food and service across six divisions continues to receive such wonderful acknowledgement.