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Saz's Give$ Back

It’s no secret; we love to make good food for even better people. It’s the heart of Saz’s- camaraderie is what we love to see when people get together and share a taste of what we create. Saz’s has been around for over 45 years, and that couldn’t be possible without the support of our community. That’s why giving back has always been a top priority. In 2020, we introduced a new fundraising program and in turn helped raise $20,000 beyond our standard donations program for local organizations. It’s safe to say we are adding more opportunities to support our community in the future! 

Want to get in on a piece of the action? Keep reading! 

Saz’s State House Night Out

This is a great way to offer supporters an opportunity to help you fundraise by dining in or ordering contactless carryout at Saz’s State House on 55th & State. Sorry- this opportunity won’t work on orders placed through third party delivery services- order through our website or call it in! 

Your organization can choose a Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday where supporters can dine in or order out and receive 15% of the proceeds from that date. Those wanting to support you would just need to mention your group’s name at check out. 

Saz’s Traveling Fish Fry

Fish Frys are always a good idea, so why not bring a traveling one to your parking lot? We provide an online ordering platform where customers can pre-order their meals. Efficient, simple, and quick! 

In-Kind Donation Requests

We also love to participate in silent auctions, benefits, and events whenever possible! If you are interested in an in-kind donation from Saz’s please submit your request online by visiting sazs.com/donations. Our donations committee typically meets every 3-4 weeks to review requests, we recommend submitting your donation request at least three months prior to your event date.

2020 taught us that we are better together. Let’s continue in the spirit of service and giving – contact us at Saz’s today!