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Visit Saz's at the 2022 Wisconsin State Fair!

One of the biggest fairs in the country, the Wisconsin State Fair, returns to Wisconsin State Fair Park August 3-13, 2023! Treat yourself to delicious fair food, unique attractions, a variety of fair competitions and nonstop entertainment. You can be sure we’ll be bringing our A-game when it comes to offering up some festival-favorites across the park, hosting live music, and catering private events at Saz’s Hospitality Village. Want to know where you can find us? Check out this Sazzy Map!

The Food!

With multiple Saz’s locations across the park, you better believe we’ll be offering up crazy amounts of our best-selling festival food. What would an epic outdoor event during the best time of year be without some sour cream & chive fries, a sampler combo platter or a Saz’s signature BBQ pulled pork sandwich? A bland and boring one, if you ask us (sorry, not sorry!) Visit us at Saz’s High Life Pavilion, Saz’s Pretzel, and Saz’s BBQ.

With 11 days, you’ve got plenty of time to try all your favorites and still leave room for that cream puff. 

The Sporkies (& Drinkies!)

No Wisconsin State Fair visit would be complete without checking out the variety of exciting food competitions that happen throughout the fair, including the ever-popular Sporkies – the celebrity-judged food competition that celebrates everything from the unique to the unusual. Saz’s has a finalist in this year’s competition! If you’re in the mood for something sweet, we definitely recommend our Deep-Fried Apple Pie. The caramel drizzle is *chef’s kiss*.

Looking to stay hydrated and refreshed? Try our Drinkies finalist Cotton Candy Lemonade– every kid’s State Fair dream. Enjoy the sweet taste of lemonade with a big cloud of cotton candy on top!

You can try one for yourself all fair long.

Saz's Combo Platter
Milwaukee Pretzel Co
Cotton Candy Lemonade
State Fair Food
Live Food and music
Deep Fried Apple Pie
Live Music and Food
State Fair Private Party

Entertainment and Attractions, Galore!

Wisconsin State Fair knows how to pack in the fun with things to do, live music to enjoy and attractions to amaze (don’t forget to check out our Pig Races!) You won’t find a shortage of live music at this year’s State Fair either; Saz’s is hosting nearly 30 artists on two stages – Saz’s Miller High Life Pavilion and the Saz’s BBQ Stage – across the park. Check out our lineup here.

Private Events at Saz’s Hospitality Village

The fair has something for everyone to enjoy. But did you know that Saz’s Hospitality Village offers an exclusive opportunity to experience the fair like never before? Relax and have a private party with all of your friends and family, paired with all the perks and exclusive benefits only Saz’s can provide. We’re positioned conveniently on the perimeter of the park grounds so that you can still take in the sights of the fair and retreat to your group’s tent to enjoy some Saz’s food and even cream puff delivery.

If you can’t tell how excited we are, just wait until the big event rolls around and see for yourself.  As always, we’ll see you at the fair for what’s sure to be another amazing year! #SazsAtTheFair