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Did you just learn your wedding plans must change? It’s ok; cry it out…seriously, get all the feels out. Wasn’t that cathartic? Now let’s start thinking about your dream small wedding! Life throws a lot of curveballs. This may not be the original wedding you were planning for but adapting is key, and making plans for a small wedding can be even more amazing than you could have imagined!

First Things First: Location, Location, Location

Think outside the box of a traditional venue. Have you considered a backyard/outdoor wedding? This is the perfect time to utilize that beautiful backyard your parents or friends have lovingly been tending to. There are also many parks in the area that are available to rent. Write down a list of options, walk through these spaces, and start envisioning your wedding day. Worried about the weather? We’ve got you covered with tent rental recommendations.

You Put a Ring On It, Now Give Us a Ring

Call us. Email us. Bat-signal us. Let’s tour the spaces that might work together, and talk through any potential hurdles. Tell us about your Plan A wedding so that we can find ways to add Plan A feels and décor to this plan or let’s change it up altogether and create something fresh – it’s your wedding and we’re here to help you stay positive, it’s going to be great and it’s all going to work out!

With a change in date and plans, it’s possible that all your original wedding vendors are not available for your new date. We’ve been in the wedding industry for a few years and are happy to recommend vendors that are able to step in and make your dream wedding a possibility. Whether it’s curating the perfect wedding menu, bar service, rentals, or timeline; we’re here to assist in making it happen. We want nothing more than to see that sparkle in your eye because you are now excited to put Plan B in action.

Be Realistic

We realize you had grandiose plans for 200, but just because you want 200 of your closest friends and family at your wedding, does not mean those 200 guests all feel comfortable coming. Don’t take it personally; accept and respect those that choose not to attend for a variety of reasons and talk openly about it with your guests. Come up with a more realistic estimated guest count.

More Than Just a Caterer

Saz’s Catering is more than just food and beverage. We can coordinate tents, tables, and chairs, or help you get in contact with other vendors– we can be as involved as you want us to be. Have a consultation with us early in the planning process, we can help you check off more than one box on your to-do list. We care beyond the paperwork; we are in business for you and because of you!

Let’s do this!