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Joe Seeby

Festivals Director, Saz's Hospitality Group

Saz’s Festival Director, Joe Seeby started his Saz’s adventure in 2015 as a beverage runner for Bastille Days. Since then he has become a permanent addition to Saz’s Hospitality Group. As a Jack of all trades, you never know where you might find him on any given day. He “loves the new challenge every day,” as no one day is the same as the last, even with the same rotation of festivals every Summer.

During the Summer you’re most likely to find Joe on-site setting up and tearing down festivals or in the warehouse doing inventory ordering and maintaining equipment for both the Festivals and Catering divisions. When Joe is not overseeing Summer Festival operations, he’s lending a hand to at one of Saz’s Hospitality Groups six divisions. From running events, to helping out in the Catering kitchen, to working at Saz’s State House, Joe has worked almost every job any one person can do throughout the Hospitality Group.

Before joining Saz’s Joe was a student manager in the UW-Platteville dining hall, worked in a cheese factory, and Summerfest. Outside of work he enjoys partaking in the Milwaukee corner bar scene, especially the Newport, spending time with friends and family, and playing sports.

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