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I was recently married at the Farm at Dover (on October 15th) and had the pleasure of working with [Saz’s Catering] throughout the planning process. Not only did [Saz’s] go above and beyond with the tasks within [their] job description, but [they] completely blew me away with help on my place settings. I’ll try to spare you the gory details, but in short I had planned to tie velvet ribbon around each napkin and place a rosemary sprig and placecard within. [Saz’s] assured me I would not want to be doing this on my big day, and generously offered to do it for me. I can’t even imagine how long this took, and am so incredibly grateful. Not only that, but [Saz’s] executed the various items for the head table without me giving virtually any instruction since I was pulled away. And let me say, [Saz’s] captured my vision perfectly, and executed even better than if I did it myself. And coming from a complete control freak, that’s saying a lot. Anyway, I just needed to sing [Saz’s] praises because [they were] such an integral part to my wedding and never in a million years would I expect that out of a caterer. Kudos to a job incredibly well done. I will absolutely be recommending Saz’s to anyone in the Milwaukee area for future catering needs.