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We’ve been married for 4 months and spent countless hours planning our wedding day.  What do I remember?  I remember the feeling of happy tears marrying my husband and dancing, but what do I remember feeling?  I felt taken care of by the people that helped me plan one of the most special days of my life.  The pictures didn’t turn out the way I wanted, my dress cut into my shoulder and the night went too fast but the little details, everything I had planned for months was executed with precision.   My guests had a marvelous time, their food preferences were accommodated and the drinks flowed all night.  It was a memorable night to say the least.  I worked with [our Wedding Specialist] who stayed with me and kept me calm when the service was supposed to start at 5 pm and the minister wasn’t there at 10 minutes after. [Sazama’s General Manager] brought us the alcohol-free chardonnay and champagne we had requested and when I was feeling a little tired, around 10pm brought me a coffee right away.  They were available to my parents that were nervous about the night going smoothly.  They always say things won’t go as you planned and some sort of hiccup will happen during your wedding day… but any little bump we may have had was not in any of the things we had planned with Sazama’s Fine Catering at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts.  We had general ideas about what we would do for a favor and [our Wedding Specialist] made sure it was placed exactly where we wanted it.  I said I’d buy a basket for the taffy we wanted to have out and [our Wedding Specialist] provided beautiful bowls for us to use instead.  We were planning this wedding from Colorado and [Sazama’s] always accommodated our schedule when we only came in for a few days to plan the big day.