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Planning a wedding with South Second and [Saz’s] was a DREAM! Everything about the venue, food, bar service, and staff was perfect! The best part of working with [Saz’s] and South Second was that they definitely made you feel like they have done this a million times (way less stressful for you!), while also truly caring about your thoughts/ideas/opinions on how to make YOUR wedding day unique and special. [They were] extremely responsive to any questions I had, and [they] helped me nail down a perfect timeline for the reception. You not only get a big, beautiful space for your event, but also a coordinator to make sure everything goes smoothly. Also, the food was delicious! Saz’s can do no wrong! A ton of people told me it was the best wedding food they had ever had. I would recommend South Second for any event, especially weddings! The entire process will not only be stress-free, but also FUN! And your expectations will be exceeded! Thank you so much to South Second and Saz’s for being such a huge part of my wedding day, and making it so wonderful!