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“Our wedding date was 9/13/14. We served dinner to 260 guests at this venue, which at first felt very overwhelming for me… however the team at Sazama’s took me under their wings, and assisted me and my husband throughout the process to make for a very streamlined and beautifully elegant evening.
For starters, we met with Lynn from Sazama’s, and she is wonderful with asking questions to help us figure out how we wanted the evening to flow. We had a wonderful menu tasting, and even had some custom menu options made to accommodate our dinner selection. Lynn assisted us in coordinating with the linen company to select the linens for the room as well. She was always available by phone and she was so wonderful to work with… as was the rest of the Sazama’s Fine Catering team. On our wedding day, the room was set up absolutely beautifully. Lynn was there from beginning to end, making sure we were okay, and making sure things went smoothing. Thank goodness her team is quick thinking, because we did have a problem…. The DJ. Our DJ was supposed to be set up for cocktail hour, and he couldn’t get his equipment to work. Sazama’s had their own soft cocktail music playing for us while the DJ was scrambling to figure out his equipment. Sazama’s also gave him a microphone to use, and assisted with music for the dinner portion of our wedding. Finally, after a couple hours the DJ got up and running. This was very stressful for my husband and I. We found comfort in knowing the Sazama’s staff was prepared for ANYTHING!! They literally saved our wedding. The dinner was delicious. The venue was absolutely beautiful. The staff amazed me. Over a month later, we are still hearing from our friends and families how wonderful the food was/ the venue was/ how much fun everyone had at our wedding!! I am so happy we had our wedding at the Marcus Center for Performing Arts, as I cannot imagine a more perfect place to celebrate our nuptials with our family and friends. Bravo Sazama’s!! You were outstanding!!”