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I lead Evans Transportation Services’ internal events planning group and was so happy to hire Saz’s Catering for the Thanksgiving luncheon that we had for the whole team at HQ last week! People couldn’t stop talking about how delicious the food was and many even commented on the perfect presentation. Best moment was overhearing one employee walk into the luncheon room and say “Jeez, they treat us like kings and queens here.” Felt so good to know we provided that level of value to a deserving team for a price that made “the powers that be” happy. As a very busy marketing and comm director with little time to dedicate to internal event planning but a strong desire to treat our team to the best, Saz’s is always the perfect partner: I place our order, then Saz’s takes care of absolutely everything else without my having to worry about a thing – even meticulous clean up! We hosted our Thanksgiving luncheon in our training room and after the giant buffet was over and all 40+ team members had gotten at least one plate, Saz’s cleaned up so well that – afterward – it looked completely unused and ready for the next meeting. Seriously, these guys are the best. Can’t wait until next time!