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Seriously, I don’t know how you are doing it. [Saz’s has] really raised the bar on our events. It was so perfect [with] signature Wisconsin food and beverage. The food was unique and local. Thank you for bringing the Saz’s Experience to them. It was great to have some of the festival favorites to share. The salads were light and refreshing. I loved the corn salad. The Brandy/Whiskey Old Fashioneds were a hit. It was a nice ice breaker, too, for our Denver Friends.  I overheard several times, “…try the Old Fashioned.  They are a Wisconsin drink.” Your bartenders kept my glass full! [The Saz’s staff has] amazing attention to detail.  [They] treated our guests like family. Great energy.  Thank you…thank you…for working with me. I know how busy [Saz’s is] with festivals, fairs and shows. I trust you and you help me do my job. You and your menus make ME look like a rock star. [Saz’s is] an important part of my team here.