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I’ve always heard that the most important thing at a wedding that everyone will remember is the food. Well, Saz’s certainly delivered. Not only was [Saz’s] willing to work with me on not one, not two, but about 8 menu and budgeting changes but the food and the staff on our wedding day were incredible. Plates were never empty but always being refilled with fantastic family-style options by the staff and they were incredibly friendly and accommodating all evening. They were even willing to keep serving my 4 year old nephew at different tables as he bounced around from his parents and two sets of grandparents at different tables. [They] put together an incredible menu that met our specifications and people will certainly be talking about the food for a long long time, including myself. My husband requested that we book Saz’s because of his Packer fan-ship but I will forever recommend them for their professionalism, attention to detail and quality food.