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Working for Saz’s has provided me an opportunity to work on a great team. I look forward to my shifts because the people I work with enjoy their job and work well as a team while providing a quality service for the guests we serve.

Jason K., Restaurant Division

The staff is well-trained, and everyone knows their job and gets it done! I love being part of a team. With Saz’s, it feels like a well-oiled machine.

Johnny A., Catering Division

Saz’s took the time to teach me and give me the tools to excel at being an employee. My experience has been filled with a lot of fun-filled work behind the lines and friendship that will last a lifetime.

Eric H., Festivals & Catering Division

You will make some of your best friends and lifelong friends at Saz’s. There is something unique about meeting people from different schools, ages, and walks of life. Every summer when I come back, I’m welcomed by smiling faces and we pick up right where we left off.

Allie K., Festivals Division

Be ready for a great time!! We work hard and have fun! Saz’s feels like a family which makes coming into work each day exciting!

Anna S., Festivals Division