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Why Company Culture Matters - Saz's Hospitality Group

What makes a great company really stand out? Is it just about the products and services it provides? We believe a company’s longevity and success is built upon a positive, employee-driven environment. It’s this company culture that really helps organizations thrive.

We’ve built our foundation on creating a workplace that cultivates and inspires every member of the team to learn and grow, while consistently demonstrating the value in great hospitality at every single stage of event planning.

As a catering and hospitality company, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies who see the value in planning fun lunches, throwing themed staff holiday parties, and scheduling off-site team-building afternoon social events. It’s what bridges the gap between divisions, creates meaningful relationships and allows you to really communicate the value of your organization.

So what is the value of planning corporate events? Of course, it feels great to do something nice for a deserving team over great food. But when you’ve planned all manner of corporate events, big or small, like we have, you begin to discover it’s much more than just people mingling over hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

We see conversations blossom between team members that, in the workplace, might have never happened on a typical work day. We see new ideas being encouraged and explored. And we see plenty of smiles. This is a chance to unwind, kick back, and yeah, it’s okay to “talk shop.” If you’re inspired by what you do at work, it can be hard not to.

But think about what all these conversations mean. They strengthen team engagement, they build rapport between different levels of management and they allow your staff to learn more about who they work with and what they’re passionate about. That can mean a whole lot in the context of creating an enjoyable work environment.

It’s more than just a paycheck these days. Who doesn’t want to be a part of something meaningful or something they can be proud of? It all starts with great leadership who not only sets a benchmark for quality and customer service, but inspires the entire team to live and breathe what a company stands for. That’s where great company culture begins. From there, companies can celebrate these values by hosting regular events that the entire organization can look forward to. You’ll begin to see how quickly great working relationships can develop.

Planning the perfect afternoon corporate happy hour or team-building social is just a phone call away. Let our team make finding a great location, crafting a great menu, and handling all the details simple and stress-free.

Whether we come to you, serve your team and handle all the cleanup, or you book the State Room at Saz’s State House for a simple off-site alternative, working out the logistics doesn’t need to be cumbersome. You can find inspiration by exploring our menus, as well as see a list of event spaces that we regularly work with. Need ideas? We’re always happy to help!