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Saz's Catering and Events

Photo Credit: Hannah Toldt Photography

If you’ve ever spent time around the Milwaukee area, there’s a good chance you know the name Saz’s. We like to keep busy and have built a six division hospitality group since we began in 1976. What started at the Round Bar at Saz’s State House has now grown into a festivals, retail, and three-part catering division. Most people know us for our famous Combo Platters or racks of ribs, but many are often surprised to learn that our Catering division is one of the top caterers in southeast Wisconsin for weddings, corporate gatherings and parties, social events, and galas/fundraisers. We thought it would be fun to share five fun facts about Saz’s Catering, and why we make for a fabulous addition to any event you’re hosting.

1. Saz's Catering Started in a Basement

Saz’s Catering started in 1990, in the basement of Saz’s State House, after we were constantly being asked to bring our delicious food to birthday celebrations, retirement parties, graduation parties, and eventually weddings! The first wedding we ever catered was at 1451 Renaissance Place on the East Side of Milwaukee, and we ended our 2023 year with catering 270 weddings!

2. We have Seasoned experts creating our dishes

If you’ve ever wondered about who is in charge of all the delicious meals we create, you can thank our executive chefs! They lead our culinary teams and are the masterminds behind some of our most delicious dishes. With our three executive chefs on staff, we have a total of 100 years of experience combined between them. We also have four chefs on our team that have been with us for over 15 years (shout out to Doc, Mario, Chilo, and Juan!)

3. Saz's Catering has fully customizable menus

Saz’s Catering menu options are truly infinite since we offer fully customizable menus! Looking to have a family recipe involved in your event? Send it over and we’ll make it happen. Looking to have a cultural meal incorporated? We can do that too! Below are some of our favorite custom menus we have created: 

    1. Acclaimed series Yellowstone themed plated dinner
    2. Wedding buffet featuring authentic Peruvian dishes
    3. Mardi Gras themed food stations for an annual fundraiser
    4. And more!
Saz's Catering Menu Options
Saz's Catering Menu Options
Customizable Catering Menus
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Saz's Catering Dinner Menu
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4. Our top five entrées are sure to be show stoppers

Our current formal menus have close to 110 entrée items between stations, sit down, family style, and buffet. Along with 45 appetizer selections, 45 side selections, and 12 various late night packages. Talk about a lot of choices! If you’re wondering how people choose between all the dishes? Here are our top five entrée dishes chosen at events: 

    1. Cider Braised Beef Short Rib (Frizzled Leeks and House Made Demi)
    2. Chicken Verona (Parmesan Crusted, Arugula, Shaved Parm, Crispy Prosciutto, Lemon Pan Jus)
    3. Petite Filet Mignon (Hunter Sauce)
    4. Chicken Florentine (Sauteed spinach, Leeks, Gruyere cream)
    5. Striped Bass (Puttanesca Sauce & Risotto Milanese)

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to have a classic Saz’s dish at your wedding, we suggest our fan-favorite Saz’s Festival Famous Station, which is filled with our hand-wrapped mozzarella sticks, cheese curds, and sour cream and chive fries. It’s our most popular late-night snack!

5. Our Catering Service comes with a complimentary Event Planner

No matter your event, we have a team of dedicated event planners to help with catering details (ie. F&B options, food allergies, guest count., etc), timelines, and other vendor recommendations. All of our team’s help with pre-planning will make for an unforgettable and special event!

Saz’s Catering can slim it down or dress it up when it comes to the type of cuisine you want at your event. We pride ourselves on the level of excellence we put into our service and know that it shows in the quality of every dish we put out. If you’re looking to work with a fun, innovative catering company this year, then look no further. Inquire with us today to get the party started!