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Casey Sazama Schneck

Saz’s Hospitality Group

Saz’s Member Since: 1998

Favorite Saz’s Dish: Combo Platter / Burgers

Fun Fact: I met my wife at Saz’s

Dream Job as a Youngster: Park Ranger

Favorite MKE Experience: The Summer Festival Schedule

When I’m Not at Saz’s, You Can Find Me: Hanging out with my wife, 2 boys, and rescue dog. We all really enjoy spending time outside fishing, hunting, boating, swimming, campfires, riding ATV’s, and even working in the yard on a nice day. We also enjoy a good movie night (anything Marvel) with popcorn. We love cooking, the boy enjoy taking turns flipping whatever is on the grill or in the frying pan. We have a big family which is even bigger when you add in our Saz’s family, who have become a huge part of our lives.